• About Us


      MOLEDUO's founders, Joseph and Michael, two young automotive engineers who became best friends during their university days. After graduating, they both joined different automotive manufacturing companies.

      However, they both felt the limitations of the existing brake systems in the market, unable to meet the demands for safety, performance, and durability. After much thought and countless experiments, they finally developed a completely new brake system concept. This system utilized advanced materials, innovative designs, and impeccable craftsmanship, resulting in superior braking performance and a longer lifespan compared to traditional products in the market. At that moment, the seed of MOLEDUO was sown in their hearts, and they decided to transform this dream into reality.

      The name "MOLEDUO" was a joint creation, symbolizing "fusion" and "collaboration." Each letter in the brand name represents their unwavering commitment: M for "Masterpiece," O for "Outstanding," L for "Legacy," E for "Excellence," D for "Dedication," U for "Unity," and O for "Optimism."

      Over time, the MOLEDUO brand gradually gained prominence in the industry, providing customers with a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Joseph and Michael always remained true to their original purpose, paying attention to every detail of the product and continuously innovating. Together with their team, they not only pursued technological advancements but also emphasized human-centric design, ensuring that every driver could feel MOLEDUO's care and attention.